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Comedian Charlyne Yi vs. TMZ over charity Oxfam

Comedian Charlyne Yi (Knocked Up, Paper Heart) has recently been working with charity organization Oxfam America, which works to fight hunger and poverty worldwide. According to Yi, Oxfam asked her to participate in a publicity stunt that TMZ would film, with Yi canvassing for Oxfam on the street.

It... well, it didn't go well. TMZ's coverage involved making it look like Yi was keeping the money that was being donated and tagging the event as "Annoying Things Celebrities Get To Do Because They Can: Yelly Street Edition." TMZ also joked about Oxfam's name, claiming it was an organization feeding hungry oxen.

Yi wrote an angry post on her blog responding to what happened entitled "Compromising my beliefs: TMZ is the Devil." You can see Yi's response video below. Being a comedian, Yi did make it funny, drawing an analogy to "The Simpsons" and including some footage from a classic episode.

You can see the original video Yi appeared in for Oxfam here:

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