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New Girl Talk album 'All Day' available, for free

Girl Talk, best known for taking sampling to another level while flipping the bird to copyright concerns, has a new album out called "All Day" which you can download for free. While he offered his last album, "Feed the Animals," as a pay-what-you-want affair, the new one isn't even asking that much. It's being offered for free, under a Creative Commons license.

One of the new songs, "That's Right," featuring a personal favorite sample from the album... Miley Cyrus's "Party in the U.S.A." (Don't judge.)

Girl Talk is the stage name of Gregg Gillis. Gillis combines hip-hop, classic rock, pop and other genres, melting them together into a unique mashup sound. It's ADD music, hopping from the moment you recognize a sample to the next sample before there's any time to get tired of it.

The site does note that high-quality FLAC files of the album will be available later, which could include a higher price tag than the current non-existent one, but it's an interesting approach for an artist to get their music into the world. While he's not making money from selling albums, it helps generate interest in the artist and could potentially increase attendance at live shows.

Check out a video of one of Girl Talk's tracks from the "Feed the Animals" album below (warning: contains adult language):

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