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New photos reveal Spider-Man musical costumes, including... Swiss Miss?!

New photos are out showing some of the first real glimpses of what's going to be in the new Spider-Man musical, "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark." The production has met with a series of roadblocks, has been repeatedly delayed, and almost didn't happen, but it looks like it's finally going to open in January.

Annie Leibovitz went behind the scenes and shot photos for Vogue. They show Spider-Man in and out of costume, love interest Mary Jane Watson, classic Spidey villains Green Goblin and Carnage, and a brand new villain, the fearsome... Swiss Miss?! Seriously. OK, OK, it's a pretty scary looking costume, but I think I would have spent a little longer in whatever meeting produced that name.

There's also a Green Goblin costume that somehow looks more ridiculous than the one in the first Spider-Man movie.

Musician/actor Reeve Carney, a Los Angeles native, plays Spider-Man. He told Vogue, "I feel more invincible onstage than anywhere else." That's a good thing, because there have been multiple injuries in rehearsals due to the extensive stuntwork required by the musical, which led to further delays. Another actor has also been cast to split the role due to the physical demands requiring more time for Carney to rest up.

Actress Jennifer Damiano plays Mary Jane. She told Vogue, "There are a lot of comic-book nerds out there who are in love with Mary Jane. I don't want to let them down." I'm thinking that calling them "nerds" might not help with that, but she's a Tony-nominated actress and will hopefully deliver when the curtain rises.

Photo: Harold Neal/Flickr (Creative Commons)