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Google Guitar: Homepage logo celebrates Les Paul while letting you play guitar

Google traditionally produces what they call "Doodles" to celebrate different historical dates, transforming the Google logo into everything from a Charlie Chaplin tribute video to a playable Pac-Man game.

Today they've got a virtual stylized guitar to celebrate the 96th birthday of Les Paul. If you click on it, it will conduct a search for Les.

However, the fun part is that if you move your mouse across the strings, it strums them. You can also click the black record button at the lower right to record your musical stylings. It records 30 seconds of you playing and gives you a link to share with friends.

Here's a quick recording I made after messing around with it for a bit. Les Paul is surely rolling over in his grave.

Record one and share your recordings in the comments. You can play it here today, or find it in the archives after it's gone from the Google homepage here.