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Don't have time for CNN, just give me a comic - Boom's Decision 2012 presidential comics

Recent trend in comics: Biographical comic books. That (not-so) grand tradition continues with the Decision 2012 line from L.A.'s Boom Studios, featuring Republican presidential contenders and President Barack Obama.

Boom issued a press release positioning the comics as "comic book's first straw poll." Readers can pre-order their favorite candidate's comic by Sept. 29, and the total print runs will be announced when the comics ship in November.

The Republican contenders you can choose: Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and... Sarah Palin? Apparently Boom is pretty confident that Palin will enter the race - or at least that she has enough fans that they'll buy a comic about her whether she runs or not.

Boom adds one caveat: Any comic without 1,500 pre-orders won't be printed. Looking at the polls, I'm betting we won't be getting any Rick Santorum comics, but who knows? Those comics will also include limited edition "Superhero variant" covers. (I'm excited to see what the candidates will look like with capes.)

They also note that there will be "winners," not just a "winner," as they'll be announcing "The winner overall and the winner of all the Republican candidates." With the way that's phrased, it sounds like they're expecting the Obama comic to sell the most of all, which, looking at recent history, wouldn't be much of a surprise. Despite this, Boom stresses that the comics will be nonpartisan.

The bio comic trend probably hit its modern peak in 2009 when Obama started showing up on the cover of every other comic on the racks, including teaming with the amazing Spider-Man.

Bluewater Productions has probably pushed the trend the fathest, starting out with politics before producing comics on a wide variety of other notables. Their latest, being released today: "Female Force: Madonna."

You can pre-order a Decision 2012 presidential comic if you want to vote for, or just read about the candidates, at Decision2012Comics.com or your local comic book shop. They've even provided a mock ballot.