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Comedian Jeff Ross roasts Wall Street at Occupy LA

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Comedian Jeff Ross, best known for being the king of cable TV roasts, went down to Occupy L.A. to lend his support. He took some friendly shots at the occupiers, as well as telling jokes about the "1 percent" the protesters are rallying against. Video was posted by liberal blog Firedoglake.

He defended the protests, often criticized as lacking "Doesn't matter why you're mad. It really doesn't. Desperation isn't always articulate, but we're out here for all different reasons."

Ross closed, saying, "I thank you all for your time, I appreciate your efforts, and I would stay here and camp out with you people, but I've got a big meeting at Comedy Central and I don't want to keep the executives waiting." He added a more serious note: "I'm just kidding. I love you all, I love what you're standing for, I love that you're taking patriotism by the balls and coming out here every day, so stay free everybody." He stuck around and interviewed a series of the protesters.

This isn't the only time Ross has gotten political lately; he also dressed up in an outfit reminiscent of Moammar Gadhafi for his appearance at Comedy Central's Charlie Sheen roast.

Some of Ross's jokes from his Occupy L.A. appearance:

"I've got to give you guys credit, because the banks won't."

"Right now, the economy is so bad, the Starbucks near my house closed down. I had to walk across the street."

"Rich white America hasn't been this scared since Lincoln freed the slaves."

Watch the video below:

(via Laughspin)

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