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Michael J. Fox really plays guitar, rocks Back to the Future's 'Johnny B. Goode'

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The Michael J. Fox Foundation held its annual fundraiser this weekend, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Cure Parkinson's. The highlight of this event: Michael J. Fox closing the show by playing "Johnny B. Goode," a la the scene from "Back To The Future" where Marty McFly inspires a young Chuck Berry through his guitar at the Enchantment Under The Sea dance.

Fox simulated playing guitar good enough to pass on camera in the original film, but apparently he does it for real now. Fox also rocked out with Joan Jett; at the 2008 event, he played with the Who.

Watch Fox lay it down below on what the Daily What points out was the 56th anniversary of when the dance takes place in the film:

Unlike the film, he doesn't deliver the vocals, and he experiences the curse of pretty much any event with a microphone — feedback.

The original scene from "Back to the Future":

(Michael J. Fox sidenote: Last week, I saw a fan rocking a pair of Nike Air Mags in the wild at the Comikaze comic convention for his Back to the Future 2 Marty McFly costume.)

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