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Bitter Lawyer delivers attorney comedy, new Web series

As a comedy nerd, I sometimes come across some very specialized comedy, and the example of that I'm enjoying today is Bitter Lawyer. It's a comedy site created by, well, bitter lawyers.

Bitter Lawyer just posted the first episode of their new Web series, "The Bottom Rung." It focuses on the lawyers who, rather than signing to a big law firm, end up graduating from law school and doing the grunt work of document review.

It gets into the weeds a bit of the experience of law school graduates, but its also relatable enough for anyone who's ever had an office job they didn't enjoy. The first episode also sets up a relationship story, so it's got elements of romantic comedy. Writer/producer Matt Ritter stars as Dave, opposite Jess Garvey as love interest Paige. You can read Ritter's story of leaving law and moving out to L.A. that ultimately inspired the series.

It also features comedy cult hero Eddie Pepitone, who's appeared in everything from "Community" to "Last Comic Standing," does regular shows around L.A., appears on Marc Maron's WTF podcast, has his own podcast and much more.

Watch the first episode of "The Bottom Rung" below:

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