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Jon Bon Jovi not dead, despite blog report of his demise

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Jon Bon Jovi did not go down in a blaze of glory, regardless of what a rogue blog stated on Monday.

"Rockstar Jon Bon Jovi (John Francis Bongiovi, Jr) was pronounced dead today after paramedics found him in a coma at his Empress Hotel, city and law enforcement of Asbury Park, NJ sources told The Times after World Christmas Tour concert on The Bamboozle Festival, North Beach Asbury Park," the blog, dailynewbloginternational published today in its only post of its existence. 

One small detail, the frosted-tipped singer from the 80s is still alive.  And handsome. 

The post "appears to have been copied from a 2009 Los Angeles Times story that announced the death of Michael Jackson," Shelby Grad, City Editor of the L.A. Times speculated Monday on the L.A. Now blog. 

"The story had changed some words and details," Grad wrote, "but some of the sentences appeared to have been copied from the Times story on Jackson's death that ran on L.A. Now after he was stricken at his Holmby Hills mansion."

The singer rushed to his Facebook page to attempt to prove that the blog post was false.

The singer posed in front of a Christmas tree while holding a sign that read "Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey."  That Facebook photo has received over 19,000 "likes", and over 2,000 fans have left comments.

"Thank goodness! I was worried that my childhood had left before I was ready for it to! Hugs!!!!! Not to mention my memories of aqua net in the white can," Tanya Spillane wrote beneath the photo.

"So glad you are not dead, the world would be a darker place without you," a relieved Kari Holt Hartle wrote.

Robert Perez also left a message beneath the photo. "Photoshopped," he typed, adding a smiley face, winking.

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