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'The Hobbit' trailer gives a peek at the latest 2-part epic

Two part movies are all the rage right now with Twilight: Breaking Dawn being split up, as well as the final Harry Potter book making two movies, and that trend is about to continue with "The Hobbit." The first, subtitled "An Unexpected Journey," is out next December, while "There and Back Again" hits theaters in December of 2013.

The first trailer has been meticulously picked apart by fans; my favorite overly in-depth analysis was done by Bleeding Cool.

As someone who hasn't read "the Hobbit" since I was a small lad (wait, is watching this trailer making me talk like them now?), some of the trailer was a bit mystifying, but still exciting. There are enough touchstones for it to be accessible to those who just know the story from "the Lord of the Rings" films, though — particularly a closing appearance by everyone's favorite piece of CGI magic, Gollum.

It doesn't have the same epic scope, with it being a subtler adventure story rather than filled with the giant battle films of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Before signing on to direct, Peter Jackson told Entertainment Weekly in 2006, "One of the drawbacks of The Hobbit is it's relatively lightweight compared to LOTR. I mean, LOTR has this epic, rather complex quality to it, and The Hobbit, which was written some 10 or 12 years earlier by Tolkien as a children's book, is much more juvenile and simplistic." However, the trailer does a great job giving the proceedings a sense of danger despite everyone seeing "the Lord of the Rings" and knowing that certain characters definitely make it through.

Will this work on film, taking what originally came first as a book and making it more of a prequel on the big screen? Despite much publicized wrangling around who would direct the film, it does ultimately have "Lord of the Rings" director Peter Jackson at the helm, so if anyone can make it work, he may be the guy.