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10 best quotes from 'S--- White Girls Say... to Black Girls' video

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Following the success of the Twitter account/viral video sensation "S--- Girls Say," and imitators like "S--- Black Girls Say," "S--- Gay Guys Say," and other "S--- [group] Say" videos that include some sort of broad generalization that people hopefully find humor and truth in comes "S--- White Girls say... to Black Girls."

Some highlights:

  • "Not to sound racist, but..."
  • "Is it like, bad to do blackface? Is that still like a thing?"
  • "You can say the N word, but I can't? How is that OK?"
  • "My best friend was black."
  • [Showing her tan] "Oh my God, I'm practically black! Twinsies!"
  • "This is so ghetto."
  • "Girlfriend!"
  • "Holler!"
  • "Sorry, can we turn it down? I don't really like rap."
  • [Singing "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj]

Funny? Offensive? Probably both. (As opposed to the original, which just seemed potentially vaguely sexist.) What do you think?

Watch the video here (Warning: Contains the word "s---" in text. If that offends you, you probably haven't read this far.)

(via the Daily What)

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