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Justin Bieber pranks fans, Catwoman pepper sprays Ozzy and the Voice vs. American Idol

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  • An Ozzy Osbourne impersonator ended up with a face full of pepper spray after harassing the Catwoman on Hollywood Boulevard. So, remember kids, only accept the original in your Ozzy Osbourne needs. (Hat tip: Comics Alliance)

  • An excerpt of this was featured in a Super Bowl ad, but you can see OK Go's music video shot in the desert outside L.A. where they used a car to help play instruments and make this video. (You may know OK Go from all their other awesome viral videos.) (Hat tip: Geeks Are Sexy)

  • In other Super Bowl ad news, you can compare and contrast the Matthew Broderick pseudo-Ferris Bueller sequel with the original film. (Hat tip: The Daily What)

  • Pop Matters reviews They Might Be Giants' recent L.A. show. I saw them a couple years ago and had a blast, but sadly didn't get to check them out this go-round. Here's a classic TMBG TV performance from David Letterman:

  • The Atlantic Wire on why "The Voice" isn't as fun as "American Idol." They argue that Idol's nationwide search gives it a more organic feel, while a bunch of singers showing up and instantly performing for L.A. crowds on "The Voice" falls a little flat. (As a devotee of both shows, I claim no allegiances.)

  • A fun look back at the straight to cable movie "Mean Guns," shot at downtown's Los Angeles County Prison. Here's a clip:

  • What's your favorite part of L.A.? The city wants you to talk about it on their impressive new MyHistoricLA site, which uses a variety of digital tools to make talking about the city fun. (Hat tip: L.A. Observed)

  • Not certain what to say about this one. Justin Bieber pranks young women on behalf of... Proactiv? OK, sure. (Hat tip: Justin Bieber's Facebook page. Yes I like Justin Bieber on Facebook.)

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