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Valentine's Day in LA and around the world

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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Hey, why are you all throwing things? Well, whether you love or hate it, let's celebrate/group hate in today's pop culture roundup!

  • As a real life participant in online dating myself, I enjoyed this McSweeney's breakdown of one woman's online dating stats. Highlights:
    Estimated time, in minutes, that I am now capable of making small talk: 60

    Estimated percentage of single people in Los Angeles who both work and play hard: 85

    Estimated number of times I switched my own “body type” check box: 12

  • Los Angeles, I'm Yours runs down some last minute Valentine's ideas. My personal shared recommendation: Lucha VaVoom. It's super weird, and definitely worth checking out at least once. (You can read my previous piece on it here.) They also recommend the sold out UCB show that I'd been thinking of going to myself before discovering it was sold out. Alas.

  • 95 of the best movie "I love you" moments. (Hat tip: Mental Floss)

  • And on the opposite end of the spectrum, movie breakup moments. (I may relate more to this one.)

  • People on the streets of London say "I love you" in 100 languages. (Hat tip: The Daily What)

  • Looks like there needs to be some more love in Japan: The declining birthrate is such an issue that some local governments are offering classes on attracting the opposite sex. (Um, could someone please set up a class like that here?)

  • The TV show that gets my Valentine's Day card: Downton Abbey, of course. (Even if the second season isn't as good.) But apparently our NPR mothership is pointing out some anachronisms in the show. As long as they don't make me doubt the existence of Mr. Bates, I'm good.

  • Finally, a fun new Web series from Hello Giggles: "Lady Parts," about two Midwest girls trying to make it as actresses in Los Angeles. (Yes, Web series where actresses play actresses may be overdone, but this one's fun, promise.)

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