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The Roundup: Lohan Alternatives for "SNL"

Lindsay Lohan will be hosting
Lindsay Lohan will be hosting "SNL" this weekend but what woman might be more worthy and do a better job?
Courtesy of NBC


This week a lot of people are asking why Lindsay Lohan is hosting "Saturday Night Live" on March 3rd and to some degree the question is justifiable: Lohan hasn't done a film in years and has only had a handful of TV guest spots, she's been in and out of jail and treatment programs, and her post-surgery face and body, splayed out in a pitiful homage to Marilyn Monroe in Playboy a couple months ago, look nothing like the girl that hosted SNL six years ago. Lohan is not a star of TV, film, or music, she is a spectacle in the same way a car accident is. Is NBC trying to help her out of the very deep hole she has dug for herself or are they are interested in selling tickets to the masses to peer down into that hole? Since NBC is a business, the answer is clear.

Obviously Lohan has some kind of connection with "SNL" creator Lorne Michaels, and it's his perogative to put whom he wants on his show. Lohan has been fortunate enough to be part of some memorable moments as SNL host (the Debbie Downer bloopers for example) and "SNL" is desperate to keep such moments happening on a regular basis. Michaels should be commended for putting plenty of women on as host this season (take a hint CBS) but here is a trio that could be considered more worthy of the honor than Lohan:

Aubrey Plaza - What younger woman has been as consistent on an NBC show as Plaza over the past few seasons? She's very funny, quick on her feet, and will have at least a couple movies out this year, and did I mention she's on an NBC series? If she's not host some time this year then Michaels really has lost it.

Kristen Bell - There was an internet campaign a couple years ago to get Bell on as host and it's a mystery as to why she hasn't made it on the show when you look at some of the choices the show has made since the fall of 2010. She's been great on live-recorded shows and is a favorite of Craig Ferguson not to mention Bell's hit series on Showtime, "House of Cards."

Pamela Adlon - Not to toot the trumpet of another Showtime star, but Adlon has consistently killed it on "Californication" not to mention her appearances on FX's "Louie." While Adlon isn't a movie star, "SNL" has put plenty of lesser-knowns, meant in the most respectable way, even in this season (Charlie Day anyone?). Adlon would be great, that's all I know.

One of the writers commissioned with making Lindsay Lohan funny this weekend is John Muaney. Mulaney released a DVD of his special, John Mulaney: New In Town, earlier this month, and I had a chance to talk to him on the Channel Zero podcast about his work on that project: 

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