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'Downton Abbey': The rap song (really)

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Like the rest of pop culture-loving America (and much of the rest of the KPCC staff), I'm a huge fan of "Downton Abbey." Like the rest of a much more specific subgroup, I'm also a fan of nerd rapper Adam WarRock. So when I saw that Adam dropped a new track told from the perspective of Lord Grantham called "Downton"? Bliss.

The track gets a slight downgrade from me, as I would've loved to hear it based around the "Downton" theme with some amped up beats, but the "Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)" sample by Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz is a classic too. I'm in from the opening, with Grantham saying, "Perfectly acceptable. And if his grace doesn't like it, he can lump it."

As Adam puts it, it's "The best rap song about an early 20th century period drama centered around property law that you'll ever hear. Believe that."

The best four lines:

  • "Married overseas, so her father could pay me. To keep my high Yorkshire life, I fell in love with my wife"
  • "I run this rap game like it's 'Masterpiece Theater'"
  • "I'mma ask Carson to go and bring me a drink, in the meantime ask what exactly he thinks"
  • "In the house like Lord Grantham, that's the damn anthem"

And the best run for "Downton" fans: "I got a black heart like Mary, ladies stay wary, mind like Matt Crawley, eyes bigger than all these, lips sharp like Edith, and progressive like Sybil, and I leave 'em like Pamuk if these rappers try to quibble. And I don't give a what? Like the Dowager Countess. I don't get the weekend, never sit around the house."

If you're interested in more Adam, he's taken on Parks & Rec, Firefly, a million tracks (approximately) about comic books and a wide variety of other stuff. Oh, and even Ryan Gosling.

(Hat tip: Vulture)

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