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Jose Canseco rages on Twitter, solicits hugs, curses at strangers, questions the existence of the Loch Ness monster

Photo by tonystl via Flickr Creative Commons

Former MLB star Jose Canseco was told "no," or as it's said in Spanish, "no," by the Mexican Baseball League on Wednesday after he admitted to taking testosterone and refused to take a drug test, officials said. Canseco had been trying to join the Quintana Roo Tigers, and had reportedly stated a desire to one day return to the majors.

Following the news of the no-go, the unreserved 47-year-old defended himself on Twitter telling followers not to believe the media, and that the substance he takes is prescription and necessary.

Canseco created his Twitter account in 2009, it seems, but recent buzz has brought to light his special brand of absurd theatre in which he expresses disillusionment and loneliness, inquires about pseudoscience monsters, challenges Shaquille O'Neal to a fight, and rants in a highly NSFW (Not Safe For Work) fashion.

Consider that YOUR WARNING before reading below...