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Improv Everywhere takes over TED Conference

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In a talk about the unexpected at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center, something apparently goes awry. Horribly, awfully, wonderfully awry.

In actuality, that's not Colin Robertson but a hero to this improv nerd right here, Mr. Eugene Cordero, who you may have seen popping up here and there, including cameos on shows like "The Office." He also performs regularly at L.A.'s Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

"Robertson" was introduced as "a futurist whose startup has discovered how crowd sourcing solar panel technology innovations can lead us to a new paradigm for health care reform," which the group behind it labels in a behind-the-scenes article as "basically nonsense, but nonsense that sounds interesting and innovative at first glance."

The video apparently is edited to make it slightly less awkward, as the original talk featured even more awful "OH MY GOD I FEEL SO BAD FOR THIS GUY" coursing through the audience.

It was put together by Improv Everywhere, a group whose name may be a bit of a misnomer as most of what they do is heavily scripted and a bit closer to sketch than improv. Persnicketiness aside, they're continually a delight; here are a few more of their surprising bits that fall somewhere between flashmobs and "Saturday Night Live."

At a previous conference, they created a real life musical:

Mr. Eugene Cordero also appeared as a pro wrestler interrupting an actual wedding for a previous Improv Everywhere bit:

And in a mission you may have heard about on NPR's "This American Life," they set out to give a band their best gig ever:

You can check out more of Improv Everywhere's "missions" here.

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