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Excessive handsomeness: The Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez story

Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow

AP Photo/Barry Gutierrez

New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, and former Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. (AP Photo/Barry Gutierrez)

Drama is a sport that everyone can enjoy. And football, with its maximum intensity and shoulder pads, has a handsome battle brewing for the fans. It's going to be a close encounter of the turf kind. A bro-down.

Quarterback Tim Tebow was traded Wednesday from the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets after an unprecedented season that some called a fluke, and others called divine intervention. But New York doesn't care what you call it, because they don't want him as starting quarterback. They want him as motivational bait. 

His move to the Meadowlands makes for an interesting dynamic because the Jets' existing quarterback, former USC star, Mark Sanchez, had a not-so-stellar streak last year. While Tebow's official function will be to run, according to ESPN, his unofficial function, it seems, will be to scare Sanchez into excellence.

Should Sanchez, a former Trojan who's currently dating SI swimsuit model (and Carl's Jr. patty meltress) Kate Upton, fail to perform on the field, he could find his standing sidelined by a hot and heavy alleged abstainer.

Now that's just good televison.

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