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Eastside gentrification goes episodic: 'The Madonnas Of Echo Park' adapted for HBO dramatic series

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The gentrification of Echo Park is about to get the HBO treatment.

An adapted dramatic series based on the novel "The Madonnas Of Echo Park" by Brando Skyhorse, is now in development, Deadline Hollywood reported on Tuesday.

Playwright Julia Cho is attached to write the series. Cho, also credited as co-executive producer, previously worked on the HBO series Big Love. Kapital Entertainment is signed on to produce the project.

The series is not quite the Susan-Dey-as-telegram-stripper-who-lives-in-Echo-Park-with-Amadeus feature masterpiece of 1986, rather, Deadline Hollywood describes the premise as:

"The relationships -– romantic, professional, familial –- of the Latinos that have built the community over the years, and the hipsters who’re making their way in now, examining the complicated dynamic between the two as they struggle to build new lives for themselves in pursuit of the American dream."

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