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The Sweet Hurt does dulcet inside a 'Desert Nights' diorama at The Standard

Photo by Lisa Brenner

A flugelhorn, a banjo and an upright bass walk into a bar...  

Wendy Wang, as The Sweet Hurt, made an appearance in three pieces this week at The Standard's "Desert Nights" music series.

The DJ-hosted, somewhat-acoustic affair sees the hotel's faux-desert diorama of a lounge turned regularly into an intimate performance space for local and visiting artists.

An exercise in texture perception, the "cactus" lounge -- with modern, bulbous, wicker seating, spiked lights, and Joshua Tree photo wall -- proved an appropriate setting for the band's compound sound.

Wang, whose pleasing minimalism can be heard commercially on a number of licensed originals and around town with acts like Correatown and The Bird and the Bee, staged up with multi-maestro Jordan Katz and bass magician Erik Kertes.

Disparate musical temperaments be damned, the trio paced prettily through the set, coming together best, paradoxically, on "Things Fall Apart."

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