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"Fahrenheit 451" flash performance fires up West Hollywood Library

Nothing like a couple of people mouthing off loudly in a library, especially about the evils of reading. But folks at the new West Hollywood Library didn't seem to mind on Saturday. They picked up pretty quickly that it was actors presenting a scene from the theater adaptation of Ray Bradbury's not-all-that-futuristic "Fahernheit 451." But then, these people are smart. They read! 

This was all courtesy the guerilla theater troupe Unbound Productions (the same ensemble that broke out in bursts of Bukowski at Barney's Beanery a few weeks back, as covered in a Without a Net post here), serving as a kickoff to West Hollywood's activities related to this month's National Endowment for the Arts-sponsored Big Read 2012. Kudos to actors Dan Flapper and Michael Prichard, and to the smarty-pants library habitues for taking their noses out of their books and laughing at themselves right on cue.