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Pump up the bass hits: L.A. Dodgers' at-bat songs for 2012

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27893 full

Tuesday marks the 50th anniversary for the Dodgers playing at Chavez Ravine, and what a better way to celebrate than with some hard rock and hoochie mama jamz as the players get announced to the batter's box?

From new hip-hop hits to alt-rock anthems, according to the Dodgers' PR spokesman the songs are a fluid system where the songs can change on a daily basis. Thus you will see that some of the players below will have several different songs.

Chad Billingsley, #58, pitcher

 "T.N.T" AC/DC

*Billingsley seems to have a particular affinity for the Aussie hard rock anthem as he has used "T.N.T." as his  song for the past few years.

Matt Kemp, #27, outfielder, NL MVP runner-up:

"Spend It" - 2 Chainz

"I'm A Boss (Remix)" - Meek Mill

Dee Gordon, #9, shortstop

"Shot Caller" - French Montana

"Let's Roll" - Yelawolf

Andre Ethier, #16, outfielder

"Who Am I (What's My Name)?" - Snoop Dogg

"Tres Delinquentes" - Delinquent Habits

"Check Yo' Self (Remix)" - Ice Cube

James Loney, #7, first baseman

"Wild Boy" - Machine Gun Kelly

Tony Gwynn Jr., #10, outfielder

"Function" - E40

"Speakers On Blast" - The Game

Jerry Hairston, #6, infielder

"Top Down" - Swizz Beatz

"Get Up" - 50 Cent

Juan Uribe, #5, infielder

"Plomo Plomo" - El Negro 5 Estrellas

Justin Sellers, #12, infielder

"Ballin" - Young Jeezy/Lil Wayne

Clayton Kershaw, #22, pitcher , reigning Cy Young Award winner

"All The Right Moves" - OneRepublic

Javy Guerra, #54, closing pitcher

"Insane In the Brain" - Cypress Hill

Todd Coffey, #60, pitcher

"Unstoppable" - WWE

Kenley Jansen, #64, pitcher

"I Wanna Rock (Remix)" - Snoop Dogg/Jay-Z

Aaron Harang, #44, pitcher

"Can't Stop" - Red Hot Chili Peppers

AJ Ellis, #17, catcher

"Jenny Was a Friend of Mine" - The Killers

Ivan De Jesus, #13, infielder

"En El Cielo No Hay Hospital" - Juan Luis Guerra

"T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)" - will.i.am

Correction: In our zeal to celebrate all these great tunes, we gave Billingsley the 2011 Cy Young. That honor, of course went to the Dodger ace, Kershaw.

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