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Does the iPhone's Siri really respond the way it does in that Zooey Deschanel commercial?

Zooey Deschanel in an Apple iPhone ad
Zooey Deschanel in an Apple iPhone ad

OK, fine, so I find Zooey Deschanel delightful and have seen her iPhone commercial numerous times and not fast forwarded past it.

But does Siri actually work the way the iPhone commercial would have you believe? One man put it to the test, asking his phone the same questions Zooey did, and the answer is, kind of!

The most striking part was that, yes, Siri appears to work a bit slower in real life. Still, it responded closer to the commercial response than I expect, so point to you, Apple!

(But really, if I ask Siri to set an alarm it will set it for 9 a.m.? If this is a weekend, Siri's getting thrown out a window. Oh, and Zooey, were you asking if it was raining because you were confused about what that water falling from the sky was?)

I'm also happy to report that the TV network upfronts where they talk about their fall lineups are this week, and "New Girl" is back for more (set in our fair city of Los Angeles). I will continue to watch the stories of life in an apartment way nicer than anything I will ever live in in this city (or likely anywhere).

(Hat tip: Vulture)