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Comedians Patton Oswalt and Marc Maron end up on the same flight, hilarity ensues

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38708 full

Patton Oswalt (who you may know from his recent Comedy Central special and everything else) and Marc Maron (who you may know from KPCC's Comedy Congress, his WTF podcast and soon from everything else) ended up on the same flight earlier today, from New York City to Los Angeles. Maron was riding coach while Oswalt went first class.

What are two Twitter-prolific comedians to do when separated by space? Tweet at each other repeatedly from across a plane. They poke fun at their coach/first class battle, their trademark styles (some deep cuts in there for comedy nerds) and more.

Comedy news site Splitsider assembled their plane communiques for consumption at your convenience. (Uh oh, Maron's probably mad I used Patton's picture. Sorry Marc.)

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