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Four funerals and a funeral: It's World Goth Day

Street art: Robert Smith of The Cure
Street art: Robert Smith of The Cure
Photo by bixentro via Flickr Creative Commons

Come on get happy! It's World Goth Day!

With smeared lipstick, black on black apparel, a well-worn teasing comb and Mickey ears clipped into bat wings, we enter this strange day of extreme melancholy, one booted foot in front of the other, toward the twinkling fog of a latex sunset.

Princes of darkness and Cinnabon sorcerers have claimed May 22 for all sadkind, and offer the day as a chance to gather 'round the internet for a dry-ice caldron of witches brew, just like mummy used to make.

William Hughes, a Gothic Studies professor at Bath Spa University in Britain, spoke to KPCC's Patt Morrison about the phenomenon of Gothic culture, and its play on the medieval mythos.

"Gothic in the middle ages, the architectural gothic, was based upon the play of light and shade—the alternation of darkness and light. And of course to some extent, Goth music today plays with that too,"  says Hughes. "It plays with the joy and exhilaration of performance and art and music, but also the darkness that comes with the shadows and style of the clothing too."

(playlist via NME)

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