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Grand Theft Auto 5: The elephant absent from the E3 room

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Rockstar Games, the creators of the wildly popular (and wildly morally ambivalent) Grand Theft Auto games, decided to forgo the big stage of the E3 convention in downtown Los Angeles this year. That didn't prevent rumors from flying rampant, such as release date speculation, alleged leaks that turned out to be fake, and talk that the game is being secretly shown off at E3 behind closed doors.

So, what do we know about Grand Theft Auto 5? We know it's set in a modern day analogue version of Los Angeles known as Los Santos (which also appeared in the very first Grand Theft Auto game, as well as the early '90s period piece game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas).

The trailer shows the GTA versions of iconic parts of the L.A. area, including Hollywood, downtown L.A., the Santa Monica Pier, the hills, Muscle Beach, even I-5. Check it out below:

You may remember Los Santos from the early '90s period-piece game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which presented San Andreas as a combination of California and Nevada, with cities in the game based on Los Angeles (Los Santos), San Fierro (San Francisco) and Las Venturas (Las Vegas). Los Santos also appeared in the very first Grand Theft Auto game in 1997 before it became the sensation it did on the Playstation 2 in 2001.

When will it be in your hot little hands? That's still unannounced; speculation generally ranges from between October of this year (providing a spark for Rockstar's Christmas game sales) to next spring, with analysts noting that the game is needed for the company to meet earnings expectations. Whenever it comes out, if history is any judge, controversy will be sure to follow.

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