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Communication breakdown: The Black Keys sue Pizza Hut, Home Depot

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The Black Keys are suing Pizza Hut and The Home Depot, claiming the corporations used elements of their music in advertisements without permission.

The song remain the same, say the "I never listen to Led Zeppelin" blues-rockers who filed lawsuits Thursday in Los Angeles federal court regarding two tracks off the group's most recent record, "El Camino."

Pizza Hut misused "Gold on the Ceiling" in an ad, says the filing, and Home Depot misused elements of "Lonely Boy" in a promo for power tools.

Both cases seek unspecified damages and an order to stop the continued use of the commercials.

Pizza Hut spokesman Christopher Fuller says the company has not yet seen the case, but fully respects artists' rights. He directed inquiries to the ad's creators. Home Depot did not immediately comment on the case.

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