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Star Wars Night a solid hit at Dodger Stadium

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Star Wars Night is back at Dodger Stadium this evening. It's a celebration of all things Star Wars, which the Dodgers have been putting on for several years now. The Dodgers are taking on the Cincinnati Reds. No word if they'll be in Imperior Guard red, though it is an appropriate battle of Star Wars good guy colors (blue) versus bad guy colors (red).

The man who's built the current leg of his career on his nerd persona, Chris Hardwick, is throwing out the first pitch. He got ready for it by working on batting practice with a Stormtrooper (and hyping his Course of the Force charity relay race ending at San Diego Comic-Con):

Limited edition Star Wars ticket packages in a special Star Wars fan section of the stadium, complete with special Star Wars T-shirt, sold out in advance, but there are still regular tickets left if you want to go.

Previous Star Wars nights included Obi-Wan singing "the Star Spangled Banner" and Chewbacca throwing out a first pitch. Here are some of the sights and sounds from the 2009 Star Wars Night:

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