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Rick Ross, Joss Stone, Ice Choir, Blur - KPCC's New Music Cheatsheet (Jul. 31, 2012)

Photo by Gary Lund via Flickr Creative Commons

This week's releases include Swans, Phish, Toadies, two Stones and an anniversary Diamond. Fan favorites form an Elvis record, The Pains of Being a side project are realized from Afar, and Blur in double digits gets the box-set treatment. Enjoy the new sounds, or at least enjoy sounding like you know what's new.

New Music Releases - July 31, 2012

From the new and noteworthy, to the nonsensical and hideous, our ever-growing, hand-picked playlist of new music is yours for the judging and subscribing at KPCC CHEATSHEET < The Now Sound >.

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