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Slideshow: 'Breaking Bad' art show knocks on Hollywood's door starting Aug. 20

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(Warning: Attached slide show contains SPOILERS. Click through at your own risk.)

Pop-culture art show The Breaking Bad Project opens at Gallery 1988’s Hollywood location on Monday, Aug. 20.

The show will feature paintings, installations and more art pieces based on AMC's Breaking Bad, a drama about the world of cooking meth (and the moral spiral of everyman lead Walter White).

For the past year, Gallery 1988 has been working with Breaking Bad creator/writer Vince Gilligan to create the show. The gallery released an image a week on the Breaking Gifs blog, a site launched by comedian Paul Scheer devoted to Breaking Bad images.

Many were skeptical about the potential of a pop culture art gallery when Gallery 1988 opened in 2004. "We were the ugly step child for sure," laughed Jensen Karp, co-founder of the Gallery.

His favorite pieces from the show? "Flight 515" by Justin Santora and "Gus" by Anthony Petire, which Jensen said are "very spoiler-ific" but stand out to him (mostly because fans "freaked out over those").

When putting together the work for the show, Karp made his selections based on what he thought would appeal to the Breaking Bad fan community. As he described it, "[the show] focuses mostly on people who’ve never bought art outside of a Bed, Bath and Beyond before."

Almost 75 percent of buyers from this campaign are completely new to the Galley, said Karp, a number he calls "mindblowing."

Karp said they're looking to sell prints to fans, not collectors.  "There’s a real swell in screenprints right now, with a lot of collectors treating them like baseball cards," said Karp. "I wanted to shy away from that because it just feels gross."  

All 16 prints sold out within the first 10 minutes they were available.

Artist Julie B. of Pretty in Plastic will be creating elements like a lab table, beakers, a coffee station, plastic barrels — anything to give visitors the feeling they're in Werner Heisenberg's Superlab, the "Breaking Bad" hot spot where meth gets cooked.

In addition to what's already been released online, Gallery 1988 commissioned 20 more artists to create new art inspired by the show. That will be auctioned off to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association charity.

Don't worry if you don't make it out to the opening party Monday night from 7 to 10 p.m.; the art will be on display through Sunday, Aug. 26.

What's up next for Gallery 1988? A show of paintings of "Kings, Queens and Princes" by Nathan Stapley Aug. 30, including a painting of the father of Eddie Murphy's character from "Coming To America" — a king. They also have a show commemorating the four years (yes, four years) since the comedy "Step Brothers" debuted starting on Aug. 31 at their Venice location.

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