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VIDEO: How the most famous mango milkshake in LA could be yours

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This mango-milkshake combo will not ruin your diet, but it may cause you to squee with delight. 

Los Angeles-based animal group Kitten Rescue hit the e-jackpot when their adorable video of these two orphaned fur balls, Mango and Milkshake, went viral this week. The video currently has more than 200,000 views and has been increasing exponentially.

Mango is the tiny orange tabby kitten and Milkshake is one of two pit bull puppies currently under the care of Kitten Rescue's Ben Lehrer and his girlfriend Michel Campbell.

The best part? This petite pair could be yours if you can wait a month or two.

Lehrer, who is president of Kitten Rescue, told KPCC, "There have been a couple of adoption inquiries, but these guys aren't even eating solid food yet. These guys are probably about 5 or 6 weeks away from being spayed and neutered." Ben and Michel mainly rescue cats, but often take in dogs when there is need.

Lehrer says this is a special case because the puppies and kitten are not yet weaned and still need bottle feeding. Something Lehrer says most shelters don't have the staff or training to do successfully.

"City shelters don't have the staff to take care of unweaned animal, so they have to put them down within a couple of hours," he said. "The majority of cats that get put down at city shelters are kittens that are unweaned."

The two puppies available are the only living members of what was a litter of seven pups that were abandoned by the owner of the mother dog.

"They were in dire shape. One of them was lost after about 12 hours, the second one was lost 12 hours after that," said Lehrer. "We're talking serious heroics, staying up all night with them, I tube-fed them, brought them to work with me [Lehrer is an attorney by trade]. The other two pulled through, and once they turned the corner, they've been thriving even since."

The kitten was given to Lehrer after two teenage boys dropped it off with Kitten Rescue. Since the three animals were so close in age, Lehrer and Campbell decided to raise them together in order to ensure the pit bulls would be cat-friendly and well-socialized.

"They really like each other, they seek each other out in the morning… its really sweet," said Lehrer. "They've been handled since they were one day old and will be super cat friendly."

Interested in adopting these guys? Contact KittenRescue.org for more information. Kitten Rescue has hundreds of other adoptable pets in its database.

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