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Photos: 'Remembering Marilyn' exhibit honors actress 50 years after death

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A new collection of Marilyn Monroe photographs is ready for its close-up at 5 p.m. this Sunday in downtown Los Angeles.

The Drkrm (pronounced "darkroom") Gallery opens its show, “Remembering Marilyn,” 50 years after the iconic actress’s untimely death. 

Many of the images are original prints that have yet to see the light of day.

“There’s one — a really beautiful one — where she’s just sitting there with her hand on her head," describes Drkrm director John Huckert. "She looks so vulnerable and kind of depressed. There’s ones of her at screenings. One of my favorites, she’s standing on this table thing, and her head isn’t in the picture — it’s just her body.”

Photographer Ed Feingersh snapped the photos while following Monroe around for a week in New York on a Redbook Magazine assignment in 1955.

Huckert said  the photos — about 30 of them — were taken at the height of Marilyn's career. He describes them as more intimate and revealing than some of her better-known Hollywood pin-up shots. 

 "We'll never see her grow old - that may be why we hold on to her," Huckert said. "She was such a classic beauty. She died at the height of her popularity; we have so many unfulfilled fantasies about her." 

The “Remembering Marilyn” exhibit is free and will be running Sept. 9 through Oct. 14.

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