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VIDEO: Jerry 'The King' Lawler suffers heart attack on live TV; appeared in LA last month

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Pro wrestler and wrestling announcer Jerry "The King" Lawler, 62, suffered a heart attack during the live WWE Raw broadcast Monday night at Montreal's Bell Centre.

Lawler suffered a heart attack while doing commentary at ringside for a tag team match, with Kane and Daniel Bryan versus Titus O'Neil and Darren Young, the "Prime Time Players." In the middle of the match, Lawler could be heard loudly breathing, then the commentary briefly stopped while his broadcast partner Michael Cole checked on him. The heart attack came less than an hour after Lawler had wrestled on the show, and took place about two hours into the three-hour broadcast.

Lawler was quickly stretchered away from ringside. WWE medical staff attended to him in the backstage locker room, according to a story on WWE's website. A statement from WWE said that Lawler suffered a heart attack at the announcers' table and was taken from the Bell Centre to a hospital.

You can see video of the scene following Lawler's attack here, including Lawler being stretchered backstage:

This video also shows Lawler being stretchered backstage:

Cole continued calling the rest of the match before addressing the situation. The decision was eventually made for the other matches and storylines on the show to have no commentary, though a shaken Cole provided three updates during the rest of the show and told the audience that this wasn't part of the entertainment portion of the show. Cole said that the situation was "serious," but that Lawler was breathing on his own.

"Jerry 'The King' Lawler suffered a heart attack while commentating during last night's broadcast of Monday Night Raw in Montreal," WWE said in its statement. "We are hopeful Jerry makes a full recovery and returns to WWE in the near future. Our thoughts are with Jerry and his family."

Lawler was in Los Angeles just last month for the annual SummerSlam pay-per-view. In another recent L.A. connection, Lawler appeared at a playoff game between the L.A. Clippers and his hometown's Memphis Grizzlies — where Lawler did a piledriver on a Clippers fan:

Though Lawler occasionally wrestles, he mainly works on WWE broadcasts as a commentator. He's wrestled for over 40 years and is best known for a series of storylines that drew national attention with comedian Andy Kaufman, including Lawler slapping Kaufman on live television in what was presented as a real dispute. They denied at the time that the incident was staged, before Lawler later publicly admitted it. Lawler played himself in the Kaufman biopic "Man On The Moon."

You can see video of Lawler and Kaufman on Letterman here. Warning: The segment includes adult language.

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