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VIDEO: Tina Fey & Amy Poehler are hosting the 2013 Golden Globes; watch 3 of their most memorable teamups

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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting the 2013 Golden Globes. NBC’s Thursday night lineup might be on ratings life support, but the network is tapping the stars of “30 Rock” and “Parks & Recreation” to host the 70th annual Golden Globes.

Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globes for the past three years, but the show is doubling up on women this year with two funny ladies. They previously hosted the “Weekend Update” segment on “Saturday Night Live” together and costarred in the movie “Baby Mama.” Poehler also appeared in the Fey-written “Mean Girls.”

They even appeared on Comedy Central this past weekend, auctioning off a night of friendship to the highest bidder — as long as that bidder was a woman. (Tina Fey also photobombed Poehler during the 2012 Golden Globes.)

Poeher and Fey first met taking improv classes at Second City in Chicago in the early 1990s. “We met, shook hands and said, ‘I’ll see you in 15 years in Hollywood,’” Poehler told the Los Angeles Daily News.

Here’s a look back at some of their memorable team-ups (Sorry “Baby Mama” — you didn’t make the list):

  • Sarah Palin meets Hillary Clinton: They made an impact together on SNL during the 2008 presidential election in sketches on their own, but the sketch everyone was talking about was when they came together:

  • Mentoring Lindsay Lohan: Poehler and Fey made history by being the first female co-hosts of Weekend Update. Already a trainwreck by 2004, Tina and Amy offered mentoring advice to Lindsay Lohan on this edition:

  • Emmys 2008: The Golden Globes aren’t their first awards appearance together. Other appearances together include the 2008 Emmy Awards, with Poehler mid-pregnancy:

Sorry “Baby Mama” — you didn’t make the list.

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