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Disney Lucasfilm deal: Twitter explodes over Star Wars: Episode 7 news (poll)

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Two related pieces of news broke geek minds Tuesday:

Twitter exploded, with four key terms becoming top 10 trending topics in the United States: Star Wars, Lucasfilm, Disney and… Jar Jar Binks. That’s probably being tweeted by those pessimistic about this purchase. (Shortly after that, top Twitter trends also included LucasArts, Mickey Mouse and Indiana Jones.)

Star Wars: Episode VII coming to a theater near you in 2015

Fans were quick to react with the double announcement of a) Disney purchasing Lucasfilm and b) A Star Wars sequel being announced for 2015.

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There is a lot of pessimism:
STAR WARS: EPISODE 7 feature film targeted for release in 2015. Only one thing to say: http://nooooooooooooooo.com/Kill Phantooooozzi
I can't wait to see what Disney does with Jar Jar Binks. #NewLeadStarWarsCharacterAlex Johnson
Not psyched about the Disney buy out of Star Wars... Rides, merch, sequels.... At least I have my OG VHS version of the 1977 version :)Dave Navarro
Just please don't reboot Star Wars. Just don't. Please. #forevertoosoonFelicia Day
Releasing a seventh 'Star Wars' film in 2015 Disney will do. Sad to hear about this I am. Anticipate cameos from Donald Duck and Goofy I do.Yoda
Forget New York, send FEMA relief to Star Wars message boards.Steven Amiri
New Star Wars film in 2015! Get your childhoods ready. They're about to get pissed on again.Kumail Nanjiani
I paid to see "The Phantom Menace" four times, so I'm prepared to shoulder my part of the blame for Star Wars 7.Mark Leggett
But also some optimism, though perhaps cautious:
Every awesome creative person in Hollywood would love to work on something new Star Wars so this could be a great thing.Felicia Day
WAIT! WAIT! Avengers 2, Justice League AND Star Wars 7 in 2015?!?!?!Adam Levermore
I'm actually not mad at this. I love Star Wars, and Disney always treats their properties as sacred.Joshua Yehl
"The Star Wars Prequels are awful, how could anyone enjoy them?" ~anyone who has never watched them with children, the intended audience.Tom Brennan
Some are noting the timing amidst the East Coast dealing with Hurricane Sandy:
Sorry Hurricane Sandy, we've moved on to the next disaster. Star Wars Episode 7.sean oconnor
Even though it's limited to Twitter, it is nice to know Sandy can be slowed by Star Wars news.Seth Meyers
And some have already moved on to speculating about a creative team:
Dear Mickey Mouse: Please hand the STAR WARS film franchise over to J.J. Abrams or Christopher Nolan or Peter Jackson. xoxo MAMichael Ausiello
The last word on my Star Wars optimism: Imagine the next three movies directed by JJ Abrams, Duncan Jones & Brad Bird. THEN complain :)Mark Millar
I'm just going to suggest this: Disney have access to Joss Whedon. And now they have Star Wars. #whedonforstarwarsAndy Foster (Heresy)

Which side are you on? Excited or feeling deeply sick to your stomach? Let us know in the poll and comments below.

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