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Meatball the bear memorabilia on eBay to raise funds for sanctuary

Tree Bear

Kelly MacDonald/AP

This undated image provided by Kelly MacDonald shows a Meatball the bear – also known as "Glen Bearian" – in the La Crescenta area near Glendale, Calif.

The strange journey of Meatball the black bear has now reached cyberspace: A group is hosting an auction to raise funds to build a habitat for the curious 5-year-old.

Meatball gained notoriety when he was captured twice earlier this year after foraging for food in suburban trash cans and taking a dip in a pool in the foothills above Los Angeles.

The 400-pound bear was captured and is now living in a San Diego County rescue facility.

Then, he was on his way to a Colorado wildlife sanctuary until California authorities invoked a state regulation and halted the transfer.

Now, the Lions, Tigers & Bears sanctuary in Alpine is holding an eBay auction to raise money to build Meatball a 4-acre habitat. The headline on the auction page states: "Meatball the Glendale Bear Memorabilia! Own a piece of California history!"

The sale was halted Wednesday because it offered a lock of Meatball's hair and it's illegal to sell bear parts in California.

The lock has been removed and the sale has resumed. The group is now offering Meatball's ear-tag, a paw print and a photo. The sanctuary says it's got $105,000 and needs to raise $250,000 to build the habitat.  

The high bid was $760 as of 7:30 a.m. Friday.

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