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16 ‘best’ moments from Rebecca Black’s producer’s new song ‘It’s Thanksgiving’

Screenshot from Nicole Westbrook's
Screenshot from Nicole Westbrook's "It's Thanksgiving."

So, we all agreed that Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was a horrible, awfully written song performed by a lovely young lady who couldn’t really sing. Despite over 3 million people disliking that song on YouTube and its infamy as one of the truly horrendous songs of the modern era, that hasn’t deterred Los Angeles writer/producer Patrice Wilson, who also rapped on “Friday.”

Wilson’s new song? Nicole Westbrook’s “It’s Thanksgiving.”

As a picky eater, this video has an extra level of nightmare for me. Beyond its general badness, here are some of the more notable, memorable, scarring moments.

No group of friends has ever been this excited about Christmas:

They definitely haven’t been this excited about Easter:

“HEY LOOK! It’s a firework!” “Yeah, I have eyes and ears and can tell when things are exploding in the sky!”

The video suddenly becomes a cooking show.

Westbrook is putting her fingers in the food, eating it and continuing to prepare it, so I’m questioning the health codes of the Westbrook kitchen.

Westbrook spins around in joy at the notion of Thanksgiving break. Yes, we see, you have a house. Great.

And then: Enter Patrice, coming up from the bottom of the screen like a creature rising from the deep.

He was also apparently stalking this teen girl’s parties:

She is far too excited over the dish brought over by a friend to Thanksgiving dinner:

Patrice comes over to the Thanksgiving dinner with Nicole and her friends, dressed as a turkey.

Everyone joins together in solemn prayer…

… until Nicole decides to RAP about Thanksgiving instead, drawing double takes from her apparently very religious friends.

The turkey parties with them… on Christmas, too. Do we need to put this man on some sort of list?

She sings into a drumstick. A drumstick, everyone.

Wilson is apparently fine with metaphorical cannibalism.

So wait, he dresses up as a turkey on the Fourth of July too? OK.

In case you missed it, Wilson already poked fun at himself in an official sequel to “Friday” called “Happy.” The song’s topic: Saturday.