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VIDEO: Wednesday night Johnny Depp, Sarah Silverman and Ke$ha paid tribute to Tom Petty

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Members of the Black Keys, the Strokes and the Kings of Leon joined together with Ke$ha on vocals and Johnny Depp on guitar (yes, this happened) Wednesday night for a Petty Fest concert at Hollywood’s El Rey Theatre, paying tribute to Tom Petty (and, to a lesser extent, the Heartbreakers).

And that was just night one of two.

The collective doing this jam ran deep, with numerous other talented musicians doing very high level classic rock karaoke. Other celeb participants included Sarah Silverman singing “Don’t Come Around Here,” Justin Bartha of “The Hangover” rocking “Into The Great Wide Open” and even Mae Whitman of “Arrested Development” (her?), “Scott Pilgrim” and “Perks of Being A Wallflower” fame. Sarah Silverman added her own spin on her song, including extra swearing and female body part references, L.A. Weekly reports.

They covered the gamut, hitting 25 songs over the course of two hours. The show was a sell-out, Rolling Stone reports, with superfans singing along all night.

This is the festival’s debut on the West Coast, expanding after several years of Petty Fest in New York City; this year’s New York event just took place on Oct. 24.

Here in L.A., members of the Strokes took the lead on “American Girl”:

In between walking into the event without shoes and Instagramming photos from the show, Ke$ha was one of several singers on “Mary Jane’s Last Dance,” along with the Black Keys’ Patrick Carney:

Proceeds from the concert were to benefit the Sweet Relief fund for musicians in need due to illness, disability or age-related problems and Superstorm Sandy relief.

A young Johnny Depp has prior experience with Tom Petty — he appears in the original music for “Into The Great Wide Open.”

(Hat tip: Stereogum)

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