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Los Angeles-area Twinkies going for over $1,000 on Craigslist, far more on eBay

Last Three Twinkies

Ashley Bailey

A customer holds the last three Twinkies at the Hostess Bakery Thriftshop in Glendale Friday morning. Customers are quickly clearing the shelves of products after Hostess announced it would permanently close.

Hostess heads to bankruptcy court on Monday, and all indications are that they’re going to shut down — for good — and lay off their 18,500 employees. Where some see crisis, others see opportunity.

Want some Twinkies? Some Los Angeles-area residents have snatched up the few remaining boxes, with local store shelves getting cleaned out — and some have taken to Craigslist to earn a quick buck off the impending Hostess shortage.

At press time, there were L.A.-area Twinkies being priced as high as $1,200 a box (and chocolate creme Twinkies at that, not the original flavor), though the median price was around $50 to get your hands on some Twinkies. There was also at least one post with someone offering to pay cash for Twinkies.

Over on eBay, the prices are, um, far more ridiculous, though the highest price at press time with any bids was $202.50 for five boxes.

How much would you pay for a box of your favorite Hostess treat, from Twinkies to Ho Hos to Ding Dongs? Let us know in the comments.


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