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New dating sites let you tell Democrats or Republicans to buzz off (video)

The tragic scene after a Republican finds out he went on a first date with a liberal, according to RedStateDate's video.
The tragic scene after a Republican finds out he went on a first date with a liberal, according to RedStateDate's video.

Looking for love? Want to make sure it’s with someone who shares your exact political beliefs? Enter: BlueStateDate and RedStateDate. The twin dating sites were created by 27-year-old Californian Alexander Fondrier.

While their names may be based around the idea of red states and blue states, they’re less about location and more about belief.

“While, for many people, it’s not a make or break issue at the beginning, it can very well evolve into one if you hide or suppress your political values until later on in the relationship,” Fondrier told Politico. He added that people tend to avoid politics on the first date, but it does come up down the line.

The sister sites subtly differ from one another. The about page on the RedState site ends with hopes that users will find Mr. or Mrs. Right, while the BlueState page leaves that idea of marriage out. A generic couple on the BlueState site stands in front of the WhiteHouse, while the one on the RedState site stands in front of an American flag. The bar at the bottom of their sites feature news sources, some with a bent more fitting that site, and their Facebook pages freely take shots at the opposing party.

The sites even let you say what campaigns you’ve worked on; if you’re curious about the politics of the site’s founder, he volunteered for former Republican Rep. Chris Shays.

Who’s the target demographic of these dating sites? Fondrier told Politico that he sees it as a place for people who are really into examining political issues, including those who work in politics. You can even make some subtle distinctions, so you can mix social conservatism with fiscal liberalism.

Fondrier told Politico that he’s always asked about the most famous Democratic and Republican couple: Political strategists James Carville and Mary Matalin. While he acknowledges that’s possible, he argues many prefer to be with someone of their own political bent. (I’d add California’s former first couple Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver to the famous Republican/Democrat couples list, a relationship which worked… for a while.)

They produced a couple of videos — one for each site — on the horrible woes of dating someone who doesn’t believe what you do.

You might have an easier time reaching a liberal rather than a conservative on the site — they offered four years of free service to those who signed up for premium accounts before the election, but only for those on the site corresponding to the winning candidate. Sorry, Republicans looking for love. They also face the problem of many paid dating sites, where free accounts have restricted messaging, resulting in some frustrated users judging by comments on the sites’ Facebook pages.