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VIDEO: Matt Micucci sings a Thanksgiving song from the turkey's perspective

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Matt Micucci, brother to singer/actress Kate Micucci (who you might know from her role on “Raising Hope” or her comedy band Garfunkel & Oates), has his very own Thanksgiving song — perfect for helping you digest that last lump of gravy.

The song looks at Thanksgiving from the perspective of the saddened turkey, asking “What’s there to be thankful for?” Sister Kate also appears.

This video was recorded Sunday, Nov. 18 at the Steve Allen Theater:

I think there are few greater joys in life than seeing grown adults dressed up as turkeys.

You can also enjoy some of Matt Micucci’s other appearances on Kate Micucci’s live “Playing With Micucci” show, like “Matt Micucci’s Tax Refund Song”:

Or this warning to deer in danger of being hunted by the Kate and Matt's father:

(Hat tip: The Comedy Bureau)

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