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Mike Judge returns to TV with 'Silicon Valley' on HBO — A return to 'Office Space' greatness?

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Mike Judge, the famed creator of shows like “Beavis and Butt-Head” and “King of the Hill,” just signed a deal with HBO to return to the TV world once again with a dark comedy he cowrote, Deadline Hollywood reports. The target this time? Silicon Valley, with a show of the same name.

It’s Judge’s first foray into live action TV since 2000’s “Monsignor Martinez,” a “King of the Hill” spinoff that had a pilot but never saw the light of day — likely thanks to concerns over violent content with a show centered around an assassin/Catholic priest. It’s also his first new show since 2009’s “The Goode Family,” which lasted less than three months.

Judge is putting his personal stamp on it, directing the pilot which is scheduled to shoot in the spring. Will he be able to capture the success of some of his other animated properties, or his cult hit film “Office Space”? He’s got the official arbiters of cable good taste, HBO, backing the project, along with Hollywood bigwig Scott Rudin executive producing.

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