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People's Choice Awards: How would YOU have voted for film, song? (poll, video)

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53292 full

The People’s Choice Awards happen Wednesday night! Yes, everyone’s favorite awards that don’t bear much similarity to other awards since they’re voted on by avid fans rather than the people who vote for those other awards, and covering movies, TV and music all in one, are live from the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. (Well, live on the East Coast; we’re stuck watching them on a three hour delay out west.)

They’re also an awards show happy to dig into some fan minutiae, with categories like “Favorite Movie Icon,” “Favorite Face of Heroism,” “Favorite Movie Superhero” and “Favorite On-Screen Chemistry.”

My personal favorites: the categories for favorite fan followings. This is how I learned that Harry Potter fans are Potterheads, “Pretty Little Liars” fans are Little Liars and Katy Perry fans are KatyCats. Yes, really. You’ve also got the creatively named TVDFamily, fans of “The Vampire Diaries,” and the equally creatively named SPNFamily, who are “Supernatural” fans. (Full disclosure: I am totally a Gleek.)

You can see all the nominees here. We’ve chosen a few of our favorite categories to let KPCC fans choose their own favorites; vote below and leave your thoughts on the People’s Choice Awards in the comments.

Watch video of the People's Choice Awards:

Live video for mobile from Ustream

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