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VIDEO: Jodie Foster cites 'Saturday Night Live' in Golden Globes not-quite-coming-out speech

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Jodie Foster made news by kind-of-coming out at the Golden Globes Sunday night, but in an odd opening she shouted out NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

“Well, for all of you ‘SNL’ fans, I’m 50! I’m 50! You know, I need to do that without this dress on, but you know, maybe later at Trader Vic’s, boys and girls. What do you say? I’m 50!”

She was referring to Sally O’Malley, the high-kicking 50-year-old character made famous in the late ’90s by then-SNL breakout actress Molly Shannon. (Thus, Foster’s mention of being in a dress, making O’Malley’s trademark high kicks a bit difficult.)

If you want a little context, here are some of Molly Shannon’s appearances as Sally O’Malley on “Saturday Night Live”; you can also watch Foster’s full Golden Globes speech below.

Jodie Foster’s full Golden Globes speech:

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