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PHOTOS: 1960s Batmobile sells for $4.2 million, short of predicted sale price

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The original 1960s “Batman” TV show Batmobile sold Saturday for a cool $4.2 million, the Associated Press reports.

The selling price was made public by the auction house, but the winning bidder is still being kept under wraps. No word on whether he has a young ward being raised as a sidekick.

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The car’s owner was auto customizer George Barris of Los Angeles. He created it by taking a 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car and turning it into a crimefighting machine — or at least one that gets Batman to a crime scene.

Barris’ publicist says his client is pleased with the result of the auction, the AP reports — though it fell short of Barris’ prediction that, if Marilyn Monroe’s white dress from “The Seven Year Itch” could sell for $5.6 million, the Batmobile should sell for even more.

Some more facts about the original Batmobile:

  • The vehicle was built from a nonfunctioning 1955 Ford Lincoln Futura concept car that cost $250,000
  • Car customizer George Barris bought the concept car for $1 and had three weeks and $15,000 to turn it into the Batmobile, which included adding a Ford Galaxy chassis
  • The oil slick sprayers on the car were made from lawn sprinklers
  • The “jet engine” on the car is actually a 5-gallon paint can
  • The car was originally painted a dull gray with white stripes, but when they first shot the car coming out of the Batcave with Adam West, Barris felt the vehicle didn’t pop — so he says he went back and repainted it with 40 coats of super gloss black paint and orange stripes
  • The Bat-parachutes on the back to slow the vehicle actually worked
  • George Barris got a ticket driving the Batmobile
  • There were six cars used during the shooting of the TV show and the movie, including two tour cars, a stunt car, a crash car and a “hero” car used for close shots

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