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PHOTOS: Canadian astronaut tweets photo of Los Angeles from space

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Some might say Los Angelenos can be spaced out, but we got a unique look at Los Angeles from space Thursday. This time, though, that unique look is coming from a resident of our neighbors north of the border.

The American space program may be dealing with troubles (the Mars rovers and Pasadena’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory notwithstanding), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still stuff happening far above us. Thursday afternoon, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield tweeted a number of photos from the International Space Station, including this one with a shot of L.A. from up above.

Hadfield also tweeted this picture of some of our neighbors to the south — Mexico City:

And this shot of our neighbors not quite as far north, with this shot of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco:

Hadfield isn’t just tweeting pretty pictures — he’s also scheduled to become the space station’s first Canadian commander in March.

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