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VIDEO: '30 Rock' finale on Los Angeles: Young blondes and the film industry


Ali Goldstein/NBC

Jenna Maroney makes her way to Los Angeles on the last episode of "30 Rock."

Thursday night saw the end of “30 Rock,” but the New York City-based show also offered a look at what pretty much everyone outside of Los Angeles thinks of L.A.

After Jenna Maroney (played by Jane Krakowski) fails at her attempt to get into television, she decides to set her sights on the film industry and flies out to L.A. The moment she steps off the plane, though, she’s faced with an airport where even the janitor is a beautiful model. She immediately turns around and gets back on a plane to New York, where she opts to take a shot at Broadway.

If you want to check out the L.A. scene, skip ahead to 16 minutes and 54 seconds in. You can also watch the full “30 Rock” finale below:

What do you think of the “30 Rock” take on Los Angeles? What did you think of the show’s finale? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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