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VIDEO: Will Ferrell in the Super Bowl ad for Old Milwaukee that California didn't get to see


Will Ferrell's Old Milwaukee ad that aired in select markets during the 2013 Super Bowl.

There were a lot of awesome — and awful — Super Bowl ads Sunday, but here’s one that we didn’t get to see here in Southern California. In fact, it was only shown in markets in Texas, Oklahoma and Montana.

It’s part of a series of ads Ferrell has been doing for Old Milwaukee. Ferrell told Eater San Diego that he doesn’t get paid for the ads, but is given creative freedom “to revive a brand and shoot crazy fun commercials.” Ferrell reportedly approached their owner, Pabst Brewing Company, and offered his services, the Quad-City Times reports.

Here’s the one he did for the Super Bowl last year, also only available in select markets:

Crazy is right — Will Ferrell did a series that aired in Sweden, with Ferrell sometimes speaking Swedish (sometimes maniacally).

Here’s an ad he shot in Milwaukee itself:

And another, touring around Milwaukee:

At Milwaukee’s Hoan Bridge:

He shot this riding a boat in Milwaukee:

Some more of Ferrell’s lovingly amateur/seemingly improvised Old Milwaukee ads:

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