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VIDEO: Adam Miller's death-defying skateboard flip even wows Tony Hawk

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55243 full

There are lots of cool skateboarding tricks, but it’s not that often someone does something other skateboarders haven’t seen yet. The latest to pull this off: Adam Miller.

That trick: Leaping off an in-motion skateboard, into a gainer backflip, then landing on another board. It’s won him the endorsement of the king of skateboarding (and skateboarding video games), Mr. Tony Hawk.

You can also spot Hawk in the video filming the trick along with the other cameras. Miller is based out of Iowa, but he pulled off the trick seen in the video at Hawk’s San Diego skate park. The video’s blown up on Hawk’s YouTube channel with over a million hits, and it scored Miller a spot on Good Morning America Thursday morning.

Of course, this is incredibly dangerous and probably something that no one anywhere should be doing. You can see some of his less successful, more body-smashing attempts in this video:

(Hat tip: NextDraft)

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