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VIDEO: Los Angeles joins in on the Harlem Shake — including a mayoral candidate

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55317 full

The latest meme tearing up the Internets: The Harlem Shake. If you’re one of those who haven’t seen them yet, the videos feature 15 seconds of a masked person dancing enthusiastically while everyone else in the vicinity acts as if there’s nothing out of the ordinary. When the beat drops, everyone joins in the erratic madness, often including assorted costumes and props, dancing like they’re in a Charlie Brown cartoon.

There are more versions of the video that you can shake a stick at, and the San Jose Mercury News reported Friday that Harlem Shake videos had scored a cool 44 million views thus far. How many of these videos have people made? Over 12,000.

Los Angeles and the rest of the Southland has been happy to join in; check out some of the best local renditions of the Harlem Shake meme below.

We’ve got Los Angeles mayoral candidate Emanuel Pleitez’s campaign (though Pleitez makes himself scarce once the beat drops):

KROQ, AMP Radio and Jack FM:

Elite Pro MMA clothing (featuring fighters King Mo, Babalu Sobral and others):

On L.A. Metro:

Power 106:

On a school bus:

Chapman University film set:

Cal Poly Pomona (featuring their college president):

Westfield Mall:

CSU Long Beach:

Some other notable Harlem Shake videos

The original one:


Maker Studios:



And the full song:

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